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Civitan Radio Bingo

Sponsored by Civitan Clubs of Carleton Place, Perth, Smiths Falls and Lanark 

As of June 1, 2021, we are one of 4 groups of Civitan Clubs that will be hosting the CIVITAN RADIO BINGO every Tuesday night from 6:10 to 7:00pm on radio LAKE 88.1.


The other Civitan clubs hosting Civitan Radio Bingo are Lanark, Perth and Smiths Falls. 


The net proceeds will be divided evenly amongst the 4 clubs and then the money will be dispersed to our charities.  Each club will be responsible for hosting once every 4 weeks.  The club that is hosting will have to provide 4 members.  One member as the BINGO caller, one member as the runner and 2 members to answer the phones at Lake 88.1.

Please note:  you can NOW play the radio Bingo BEFORE the regular BINGO in the upstairs conference room across from bathrooms.  Doors open at 5:30pm.  

1 card / 9 faces:  $10 each
TUESDAYS at 6:10pm on Lake 88.1 FM

All games will be played on the same card (s)

  • Bingo dauber may be used - make sure that the verification number found in the "free" square or in the bottom right corner of the card is legible and not covered with ink.  

  • Make sure your card is stamped with the date that the bingo is being played.

Game 1 - One Line or 4 Corners for a prize of $300

Game 2 - Two Full Lines for a prize of $500 (on the same card - 4 corners do not count on two line bingo)

Game 3 - Full Card for a prize of $1,000

Game 4 - Runner up for full card gets a prize of $200 (next number called)

  • Successful bingo winners must call 613-257-5214.

  • Once a bingo is declared closed, no other bingo can be claimed for that game.

  • Members of the Civitan Radio Bingo committee are not allowed to play.

  • All bingos will be verified.  Each card contains a different serial number located in the free space in the center of the card and on the bottom right.  This number is matched by a number in the radio bingo computer program and is used to verify that a card being played is a winning card on that game.

  • You MUST hand in the entire card when you collect your prize and bring photo ID.

  • All cards must bear winner's name, address and phone number (print on the back of the card).  Prizes will be shared between the number of winners for each bingo.

  • All players must be 18 years of age.

  • Lake 88.1 or Civitan Clubs will NOT provide refunds on purchased cards.


​License # M822368

 Prize Pick Up 

Prizes to be picked up by appointment ONLY   

Please bring ID and your winning card with you to claim your prize

Write your name, address and telephone number on the back of the card

To make an appointment to pick up your prize, contact the Civitan representative in your town:

Carleton Place:  Lynda Finnagan - or call 613-257-5214

Perth:  Gates Cooney - or call 613-799-8238

Smiths Falls:  Debbie Dixon - or call 613-285-4452

Lanark Civitan Club:  Bonnie King - or call 613-267-6670

NOTE:  In the event of a power outage or other technical failure at the Lake 88.1 studio, that night's game will be suspended until the following week and continued on the same cards from the last ball drawn.  Lake 88.1 is not responsible for local power outages, technical failures at player's location or interruptions to internet broadcasts and recommends players have a battery powered or alternate radio source available.

 Pick up your bingo cards at the following locations: 

Carleton Place

  • Apple Cheeks, 53 Bridge St.

  • Clayton General Store, Clayton

  • Franktown Gas and Grocers, 9645 Hwy 15

  • Giant Tiger, 320 Coleman St.

  • Mitchell's Your Independent Grocer, 455 McNeely

  • Temptation, 117 Bridge St.

  • Queen's Crafters and Antique Market, 142 Bridge St.


  • Barnabe's Your Independent Grocer, 80 Dufferin Street

  • MacEwen/County Line Perth, 11 Wilson street

  • Donaldson Shell, 230 Gore Street

  • Circle K- one location only, 139 Gore Street East

Smiths Falls

  • Andress Your Independent Grocer, 25 Ferrara Dr,

  • Giant Tiger, 29 Chambers St. 

  • The Garden Market, 115 William St.

  • Scott's Convenience, 99 Beckwith St.


  • Fitz's Fries, 38 George Street

  • Highlands Country Store, 5639 McDonalds Corners Road

  • Lanark Pharmacy -74 George St

  • Ultramar - Hwy 511

  • B&T's Hopetown General Store - 5531 Hwy 511

Image by Matt Botsford
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