What is Civitan?

Civitan is a worldwide community service organization that was established 1920. The name Civitan is taken from the Latin word Civitas which means citizenship. Civitan’s motto is Builders of Good Citizenship.

Today, there are approximately 55,000 men, women and young people in over 1,800 Civitan club’s world wide.

Civitan was firmly established in Canada in 1932.  The first Civitan Club in Canada was the Toronto Civitan Club.  The Carleton Place & District Civitan Club (CP&DCC) is only one of 8 Civitan clubs in our area that make up the Northern Lights District.

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Our Focus

Since the 1930,’s on the International level, Civitan’s major focus has been on helping fund the Civitan International Research Centre, a research and treatment facility for people with developmental disabilities.

However, local clubs are involved in a variety of community service projects, based on the needs of their communities.